Energy resiliency: For Central Coast Community Energy Customers

As a pre-qualified vendor, Ameresco offers energy resiliency solutions to Central Coast Community Energy Customers. Through a competitive process, Ameresco was selected to assist Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) customers in developing custom solutions to address specific resiliency objectives.

Building a resilient Central Coast

Extended power outages such as PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoff events can significantly affect 3CE customers, negatively impact economic activity, and can mean major interruption to mission-critical work that may have catastrophic results.

3CE is accelerating the adoption of reliable backup power, also known as energy resiliency, by providing technical and financial resources to commercial and residential customers.

Managing when and how your energy is used

Backup power can do more than simply maintain critical operations during prolonged power outages. In some cases, backup power can create new revenue streams and drive down energy costs.

Ameresco has paired our solar PV projects with batteries and interconnection controls for microgrid applications to meet resiliency objectives. Energy Storage Systems (ESS) have emerged as a promising, versatile technology that can provide solutions to many electric-grid challenges.

For organizations that aim to build more robust, resilient and secure energy infrastructures, Ameresco develops microgrid and energy security systems that provide reliable solutions not only in driving greater energy efficiencies and insuring critical resources, but also as viable alternatives to traditional centralized generation.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Fund Program for Critical Infrastructure


3CE has allocated $25 million to create the UPS Fund to accelerate the adoption of reliable backup power for eligible public and private entities operating critical facilities. The UPS Fund provides electricity resilience project financing for public and private customers operating critical facilities.

For 3CE’s public sector clients, the 3CEUPS Fund will finance the resiliency component of approved projects at 1.87% with a 10 year repayment term. To learn more, including the application process, webinars and tutorials, visit

What steps can you take to become more energy resilient? 3CE has allocated $25 million to accelerate the adoption of reliable backup power for eligible public and private entities operating critical facilities. Complete this form or call 1-800-325-4432 to discuss options with one of our experts.