Workplace resiliency: Promoting Health & safety with a focus on Energy Optimization

Safety and health among our communities, workplaces, and shared spaces is at the forefront of decision making today. What does “back to work” look like? What is the new normal?

The global health crisis brought on by COVID-19 has introduced a heightened awareness around the importance of healthy, safe, resilient working environments. What energy conservation measures can you implement in your re-opening strategy that support the CDC guidelines?

Touchless controls, updated HVAC systems, automated entry/exit systems are just a few of the measures that can make an immediate impact on re-opening offices, campuses, and facilities.

Building owners can make critical health-focused, energy-efficient upgrades to their facilities often at zero upfront cost: a win-win for promoting health and safety with a focus on energy optimization.

What measures can you put in place to promote a safe and healthy workplace for re-entry amid the COVID-19 pandemic? Complete this form to discuss options with one of our experts and receive a checklist of exemplary health-focused energy conservation measures (ECMs) to consider, often achievable without upfront capital.