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Innovative Sustainability at Kauai Beach Resort

Many large energy consumers, from resort and hospitality campuses to manufacturers, are tasked with addressing their energy consumption with diminishing budgets in the aftermath of a global pandemic. Many of the advanced technologies needed to reduce energy consumption or increase energy resiliency come with financial barriers that stand in the way of progress.

How are some businesses making necessary improvements to their energy infrastructure while also addressing their carbon reduction goals? How did they invest in upgrades when there wasn’t a generous budget line item in place?

Don't miss the opportunity to hear from Ben Dookchitra, Board President - Kauai Beach Resort, who is working to advance the energy efficiency and carbon reduction goals of the resort, using a unique Energy as a Service (EaaS) offering, with no up-front capital provided by his organization. Ben is joined by Ameresco’s Leila Dillon, and SED’s Debra Chanil as they discuss solutions for financing energy infrastructure improvements to increase energy resiliency and advance decarbonization goals.

  • Key Questions Answered in this Webinar:
    • What were the critical first steps for Kauai Beach Resort?
    • What were the key lessons learned and notable best practices?
    • What does Kauai Beach Resort expect to see in return from this project’s implementation?
  • Speakers:
    • Ben Dookchitra – Board President, Kauai Beach Resort
    • Debra Chanil – Research & Content Director, Smart Energy Decisions
    • Leila Dillon – Vice President Marketing & Communications, Ameresco
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Originally Aired: Smart Energy Decisions

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