Solar Parking Canopies

Parking lots and garages are ideal locations for solar canopies, offering significant on-site real estate to capture the sun's rays

Carport solar canopies offer numerous benefits to public and private organizations that have large parking lots, including commercial properties, colleges and universities, sports stadiums and manufacturing facilities.

Facility owners gain a source of clean, low-cost energy and display their commitment to sustainable power. Parked cars benefit from heat protection in the summer and snow accumulation in the winter. Ameresco can install electric vehicle charging stations under the canopies, all powered by the sun.

Solar canopies can be built at ground level, in elevated locations, or on rooftops to create covered walkways or carports. Today's solar canopies use space efficiently and effectively, without compromising precious real estate.

Our experienced engineers can design a custom system to your site's exact specifications and budget needs. Ameresco also offers several financing options, including solar PPA financing that can eliminate up-front costs. With turnkey design, build, maintain and operate services, Ameresco can create a system that gives your organization all of the benefits of solar power without additional maintenance or staff.


  • Expanded use of existing on-site real estate
  • Design options to fit all budgets
  • Can be built with Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations and space for advertising

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