Developing Solar with ameresco

Ameresco, Inc. (NYSE: AMRC) is a leading energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions provider. Our energy experts deliver long-term customer value, environmental stewardship, and sustainability through energy efficiency services, alternative energy, supply management, and innovative facility renewal all with practical financial solutions.

We specialize in renewable energy systems including solar PV projects. Ameresco builds solar arrays for customers including local, state and federal governments, schools, universities, hospitals, and corporations. We use in-house expertise to develop, design, permit, construct, own, operate and maintain PV facilities. 

Land Lease Agreement

Ameresco is seeking new parcels of land to lease for the development of ground mounted solar arrays. In exchange for use of your land and permission to build a commercial scale solar array, we may be able to offer guaranteed, attractive lease payments for 20 years or more. We have worked with several landowners and are seeking new parcels to develop this renewable energy source.

Ameresco will assess your land. If an agreement is made, Ameresco will be responsible for the development, permitting, design, and construction of a solar project. Ameresco or its financing partners will own the facility. In most cases, we will operate and maintain the solar facility. After the lease ends, the solar array would be removed and the land restored to its original condition.

Why lease your land for solar?

  • Potential for long-term income with attractive lease payments for the contract term. 
  • Create value from your unused land - no longer will your land sit dormant.
  • Positive environmental impact by using land to develop a renewable energy source.

Required Criteria

Is your land attractive for solar energy? We will consider: 

  • 20+ acres of relatively flat, contiguous land
  • Within 3 miles of an electric distribution line
  • Relatively clear of wetlands
  • Close to public access roads