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On-Demand Webinar

Taking Action With An Advanced Energy Portfolio: Will Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Demand Outpace Supply?


Duration: 20 minutes

Originally Aired: ABLC 2020 Digital by Biofuels Digest

Speaker: Michael Bakas - Executive Vice President Distributed Energy Resources, Ameresco

Abstract: Consider the complexities of your organization's energy portfolio. How can you address resiliency while meeting sustainability goals? How do you take action on desired, or required, energy infrastructure improvements while keeping low carbon goals in check – in many cases without budget dollars? During this webinar, Michael Bakas discusses Ameresco's independent approach to helping customers deploy an integrated spectrum of advanced technologies to address their overall objectives: budget-neutral strategies from energy efficiency to distributed generation and storage, and specifically, how Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) fits into the larger energy, resiliency, and carbon neutrality puzzle. Resting on the thermal side of the equation, RNG uses existing infrastructure, and answers the question: how do we increase resiliency through dispatchable baseload generating assets while reducing carbon footprint? But will demand for RNG outpace supply? The time to take action is now. Listeners will be challenged to explore how a holistic approach to their energy portfolio will support organizations' larger environmental goals and resiliency strategy.

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