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Case Study: Modernizing Oregon’s Highways with High-Efficiency Lighting for Economic & Environmental Benefits

Since 1913, the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has helped create and maintain a safe and reliable multimodal transportation system that connects people and communities across Oregon; from the days of horse-drawn road scrapers to today’s computer-operated machinery and solar highways. In 2018 -- guided by its commitment to using innovative program design and technologies to solve transportation problems -- ODOT partnered with Ameresco on a lighting pilot program aimed at improving public safety, reducing energy costs and freeing up resources for other projects and maintenance across ODOT’s system.

Financed by an energy savings performance contract (ESPC) that allows the program’s energy savings to be applied to its costs, Ameresco will replace more than 10,000 low-efficiency highway lights in the Portland metro area with LEDs to create brighter, safer roadways that are more energy efficient and less costly to maintain. Speakers on this panel will provide attendees with an overview on the ODOT pilot program, outline the planning and procurement process, identify common obstacles and explain how to overcome them. The panel will also discuss various financing options available for major energy efficiency projects such as this one and describe some of the latest technologies they involve.

  • Speakers:
    • Elizabeth Papadopoulos, Consultant Project Manager, ODOT Region 1
    • Joe O'Donnell, Manager - Business Development, Ameresco
    • Jason Carver, Lead Project Developer, Ameresco

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